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International Identity Day

Design Competition 



In recognition of our 4th anniversary commemorating International Identity Day (ID-Day) on September 16, ID4Africa, as a founding member of the Identity Day Coalition, is inviting African digital artists to participate in our first-ever Design Competition.


The purpose of the design is to promote ID-Day with an impactful image that will both inspire and encourage the worldwide community to rally around this important cause. As digital artists, this will be your opportunity to use your creativity to raise awareness of identity as a key enabler of inclusive socio-economic development in all countries worldwide but most importantly in Africa.


The winning design will become the official theme design for ID-Day 2021 which will be made accessible on our website for re-use by the international community to commemorate the occasion. The winner will receive a cash prize of US$3000. 


The competition is free and open only to African digital artists based in Africa. Proof of identity, nationality, and address will be requested before the award is issued. 


Organized by ID4Africa

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Award Sponsor

  • The competition is open to African artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers.

  • Minors (children under 18) are eligible but must submit a Consent Form from a parent or legal guardian to qualify. Download Consent Form

  • Both Individual and group submissions are accepted. For group submissions, only one entry form should be submitted with the details of one group member. 

  • The organizer and judges are not eligible to participate in the competition. 

  • Submissions must be made online by the latest July 23, 2021 at 11:59 PST

  • Each participant is allowed to submit up to 3 designs. 

  • Files should be named as follows: Firstname_Lastname_Country_01/02_IDDay  

  • Entries must include a brief written "Artist Statement" (200 words maximum) explaining your inspiration and creative process in the context of Identity and Identity Day. 

  • High-quality images are required. Poor representation such as low resolution, blurred images etc., will reduce your chances of being selected. 

  • Designs should be submitted together in one application and not as separate entry forms. In the case of repeat entries, only the final entry will be accepted and retained.

  • Following your submission, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email within 24hrs, please email us at

  • The organizer may contact you during the course of the competition. Regularly check your Inbox and Junk email Folder for messages from


The design should follow the specifications listed below:

  • Horizontal: 2800 (w) x 1568 (h) pixels, 300 dpi in JPG, TIFF, PDF or EPS format. The winning design will be used primarily on social media and on several websites. If being printed, A3 or A5 specs will be used. Please consider these formats when creating your design. 

  • Your digital file must be higher than 1MB and less than 4MB in size. 

  • Cheerful and highly visible colors are suggested.  

  • Designs produced using the following techniques are eligible:  Graphic design •  illustration •  photography •  painting • typography •  animation •  mixed media.  

  • However, please note all entries must be finalized in a digital format. 


With the intention of promoting Identity Day, the design should include the following:

  • The Identity Day logo (download here) 

  • Title: Happy International Identity Day 2021 

  • Date: 16 September (specifically using this format)

The Title text should appear as one block of text in all designs. If this text must be broken into sections, ensure that it remains legible.


Selection of finalists and the winner will be conducted as follows:


Community Engagement: August 3-15

In this phase, members of the international identity community will be invited to vote online for the most representative design. The candidate who secures the highest overall vote will be selected as the winner of the competition and their artwork will be made available for the community to promote on ID-Day (Sept 16). 

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the 2021 Design Competition if less than five qualifying submissions are received during the competition period. The determination of qualified entries is at the sole discretion of the ID4Africa General Secretariat.


Designs will be judged based on the following criteria:  


  • Expression showing an understanding of identity in the context of national development 

  • Whether the message and theme are clearly and easily understood 

  • Whether the art and message will prompt curiosity and discussion 

  • Artistic excellence, originality and creativity 

While the community at large will vote to select the finalists, it is our expectation that a design that reflects why identity is important for human development and why September 16 (commemorating SDG 16.9) is a day that deserves to be recognized by the worldwide community and by the UN General Assembly, would appeal to members of this Community.

  • The winner must submit all files required for reproduction. Files will become the property of ID4Africa, the custodian of ID-Day, and the organizer of this competition. 


  • Designs should not portray pornographic, sexually explicit, violent, religious, and/or racial content. Such designs will be automatically disqualified. 


  • The winner will need to submit a 1 min or less video that describes how an understanding of the importance of identity for individuals and his/her nation, inspired the design.  


  • Submissions by minors should be accompanied by a consent statement signed by the parent/ legal guardian authorizing the submission and pledging to adhere to the terms and conditions of the competition. Download Consent Form Here


  • All designs submitted must be unpublished original pieces. Entrants will be disqualified for plagiarism. 

  • All entries must contain copyright-free art or be art released for entrant’s and public use. No unauthorized use of any copyright images, text, or other material will be accepted.

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We wish to extend sincere appreciation to this Integrated Biometrics (IB), for their support in making the award for this competition possible. Learn more about IB’s role in identity development at



Contact us 

For questions or comments, please email us at

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