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Show your support for Identity Day by downloading and utilizing these free resources.

ID Day 2024: Social Media Banners

Feel free to download, use and share these resources on social media to commemorate ID Day starting today and all the way to 16 September (and why not for the entire duration of September)!

If you wish to become a Coalition Partner, or Friend of the Coalition, please visit our "Partners" or "Friends" page for details. 

When posting on social media, please share using official social media tags

Hashtags: #Identityday, #IDDay 

Twitter mentions: @ID4AFRICA

Download and share the ID Day commemorative graphic to show your support of ID Day, 16 September, and to add your voice to the campaign! Feel free to customize with your organization’s name/logo. 


The commemorative graphic features a series of 13 images, each highlighting a use case for identity. Discover the series here.

ID Day Commemorative Graphic

2023-ID Day Full collage (2100x1500px), v03_EN 01.jpg

For all supporters

Light Version

Dark Version

Customizable Version

LinkedIn Background Graphic

2023- ID Day Linkedin Header (1584x396px), v02_opt 1-EN.jpg
2023- ID Day Linkedin Header (1584x396px), v02_opt 2-EN.jpg
2023- ID Day Linkedin Header (1584x396px), v02_opt 2-EN.jpg
2023- ID Day Linkedin Customizable (1584x396px), v02_opt 1-EN.jpg

CLICK HERE download the guidelines.

ID Day Email Signature

To commemorate ID, please add this image to your email signature. We hope you will encourage others to show their support and display the signature for at least 1 week.

Light Version

Dark Version

Custom Version

2023- ID Day Mail Signature (350x100px), v01_opt 1-EN.jpg
2023- ID Day Mail Signature (350x100px), v01_opt 2-EN.jpg

ID Day Practical Guide

PG Cover Final.png

Principles On Identification for Sustainable Development

Principles cover en.png

ID Day Coalition Partner Logo

2023- ID Day Badge, v03_(24x55px) DVLPT.png

ID Day Friends of the Coalition Logo

2021, ID-Day Logo- Friends of the Coalition_EN, white center.png

A Special ID Day 2023 Video Message from Dr. Atick, Executive
Chairman, ID4Africa

We stand for International Identity Day

Join our ID-Day Emissaries in Standing for 16 September as International Identity Day. Watch, like and share their message.

Follow D-Naff, Myra Dunoyer Vahighene, André Franck Ahoyo, Bouba Aeisatu, Eveline Angonwi Nongne, Eugine Ngalim, and Ali Jita.

Watch & Share the Journey

ID4Africa & the Identity Community in Africa together made International Identity Day possible. To celebrate our achievements, we've made a special video highlighting the journey that began in Nigeria.

Other video resources

Click Here For Older Resources

A Special Commemorative Message from Dr. Joseph Atick

A Special Commemorative Message from Dr. Joseph Atick

The Move Towards International Identity Day 16.9

Bridging the Identity Divide

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