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ID-Day 2021: Social Media Banners

Here are the top 5 designs of the ID-Day 2021 Design Competition including the winning design voted for by over 60% of ID4Africa LiveCast participants. Congrats to our winner Alike Opaye!


Feel free to download and share your favourite designs on social media.


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Winner of the 2021 ID-Day Design Competition


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We stand for International Identity Day

Join our ID-Day Emissaries in Standing for 16 September as International Identity Day. Watch, like and share their message.

Follow D-Naff, Myra Dunoyer Vahighene, André Franck Ahoyo, Bouba Aeisatu, Eveline Angonwi Nongne, Eugine Ngalim, and Ali Jita.

Watch & Share the Journey

ID4Africa & the Identity Community in Africa together made International Identity Day possible. To celebrate our achievements, we've made a special video highlighting the journey that began in Nigeria.

Meet the Winners of the ID-Day Design Competition

Meet the Top 5 winning artists as they share on the symbolism behind their artwork and relive the exciting moment when the identity community voted for their official ID-Day design. 

Other video resources

The Move Towards International Identity Day 16.9

Bridging the Identity Divide

International Identity Day Logo

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International Identity Day Friends of the Coalition Logo

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ID-Day 2021 Email Signature Campaign Information

To commemorate International Identity Day 2021, please add this image to your email signature. We hope you will encourage others to show their support with you and display the signature for at least 1 week.