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Vote for ID4Africa in the #GoodID Awards


ID4Africa has been nominated for a for a #GoodID Award 🏆 in the category of Inclusion. The awards aim to recognize dedicated, progressive, and impactful work to improve digital identity for all.

The ID-Day initiative has been led by ID4Africa from the very beginning when they called on the world to recognize September 16 as International Identity Day in 2018. Since then over 120 organizations have joined as coalition partners and Nigeria officially celebrates Identity Day as a national holiday.

ID4Africa was founded in 2014 and has held a series of increasingly impactful annual meetings in Tanzania, Rwanda, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa; which were later complemented by an ongoing series of LiveCasts featuring expert discussions on Africa’s identity priorities. ID4Africa unites a broad sectorial representation of government identity stakeholders, development agencies, industry actors, NGOs, and civil society, around identity and its impact in digital transformation of societies.

The ID-Day Movement endorses the nomination of ID4Africa in the category of inclusion.

We urge our followers to vote for ID4Africa before September 30, 2021 at the following link:


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